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Management and administration

From our employees, we emphasise flexibility, responsibility, results and the will and ability to work as a team. It is natural for us that our daily work is focused on customer service.

Only through a determined and focused effort can NEFF live up to our own standards of delivering the best service possible to our customers.

Internally, we emphasise the value of being aware of our responsibilities, of being readily available for our colleagues, of polite conversation and good planning – with the end goal of delivering the optimal service to our customers and maximising NEFF's operations.

Managing Director

Lars Stub

E-mail: ls@neff.dk

Tlf.: 40 53 35 39​

Warehouse & Logistics

René Persson

E-mail: rp@neff.dk

Tlf.: 40 55 62 32​


Peter Poulsen

E-mail: pep@neff.dk

Tlf.: 20 69 56 33

QA and IT

Joan Krogh Pihl

E-mail: jkp@neff.dk

Tlf.: 22 21 96 93​

Customer Service

Christine Pelmark

E-mail: mail@neff.dk

Tlf.: 25 70 37 37​

Customer Service

Anne Kettel

E-mail: mail@neff.dk

Tlf.: 25 70 37 37​

Customer Service

Winnie Laursen

E-mail: mail@neff.dk

Tlf.: 25 70 37 37

Customer Service

Mette Mose Fælled

E-mail: mail@neff.dk

Tlf.: 48 17 25 40

Contact us

Blovstrød Teglværksvej 3,

3450 Allerød​

Tel.: +45 48 17 25 40

E-mail: mail@neff.dk​

Now member of H.Essers