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Leasing of office space

NEFF is located in peaceful surroundings of natural beauty.

NEFF can offer light, welcoming office space in different sizes.

Should you require a warehouse in connection with the office, NEFF is able to offer several solutions from our associated warehouse. Click for details

  • Office space only
  • Office space with smaller warehouse space attached
  • Office space, own warehouse space plus use of NEFF warehouse at peak periods
  • Office space and use of NEFF warehouse for housing stock

Optimal parking conditions with good public transport connections – both bus and train.

Contact NEFF to arrange a viewing – tel. +45 40 53 35 39

Contact us

Blovstrød Teglværksvej 3,

3450 Allerød​

Tel.: +45 48 17 25 40

E-mail: mail@neff.dk​

Now member of H.Essers