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NEFF has the authorisation of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority for the storing and handling of medicines in accordance with § 39 of the Danish Medicines Act. Click for details

NEFF has received authorisation from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority for the storing and handling of euphoric substances in accordance with the Amendment Act no. 557 of 31 May 2011. Click for details

This authorisation ensures that the facilities comply with official requirements. Furthermore, NEFF's quality assurance handbook contains detailed procedures that have formed the basis of this approval. Finally, emphasis is placed on a continual implementation of the approved in-house programme of controls

​NEFF has many years of experience as a warehouse for medicines and medical products, including acceptance inspection before placing the goods in storage and not least, in packaging and labelling for shipment.

All employees are trained in a particularly thorough handling procedure, which is a natural part of the process of handling medicines, euphoric substances or other medical products. All products are therefore ensured proper, well-controlled storage at NEFF.

NEFF has many years of experience in implementing individual quality assurance systems, and the carrying out of critical subprocesses. We can meet customer-specific quality requirements – for example ISO procedures.

The ERP system ensures complete clarity in the tracking of products, whereby NEFF, upon agreement with the customer, can register and manage stock by means of e.g. product number, batch number and expiry date, as well as efficient handling and control of goods in quarantine/Return goods.

Stock can be registered in a number of alternative units, so it is simple to submit orders by picking from the warehouse.

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