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Other logistics options

NEFF can assume responsibility for packing and shipment of orders to the customers' own customers, and can also arrange transport. If this concerns transportation between NEFF and an address in the local area, NEFF will handle the transport. If this concerns longer distances, we can make external arrangements for transport at competitive rates.

As a warehouse, NEFF often comprises an integrated part of the customer's handling process. We gain a detailed understanding of the customer's business and organisation, and can often contribute towards optimising the process. This could be by tendering the tasks to NEFF, either in whole or in part.​

As a smaller company with employees and management whose routine it is to carry out a wide variety of diverse tasks, NEFF can help to bring a more efficient solution to a customer's here-and-now challenges.

If there are logistics tasks that the company either does not have the resources or the space to carry out, or if it appears that these tasks could be undertaken more efficiently, then contact NEFF for an informal and obligation-free meeting.

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Tel.: +45 48 17 25 40

E-mail: mail@neff.dk​

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