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Receiving stock / Stock management

In order to have products delivered to NEFF, an order must first be made with a detailed specification of what goods will be arriving. The order can be set up directly in our Online system. Click for details

When the goods arrive, NEFF is prepared and knows exactly what to expect.

With delivery direct from the customer's supplier, it is especially important to have an efficient procedure for receiving goods.

NEFF assumes responsibility for receiving goods, incl. validation of delivered items and quantities and labelling of the received goods. Inspections are made of packaging and the general condition of the goods, just as tests can be taken upon agreement, for the purposes of quality control.​

The goods can be blocked and placed in quarantine, until the necessary approval has been received. Until approval the goods will not be available for outbound orders.

Once the receiving procedure has been concluded and the goods have been labelled with bar code and a clear indication of content, they are put away in a warehouse zone that meets all requirements for the storage of the specific product.

The status of the order can be followed online, and a number of reports can be viewed. Click for details

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