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Cold and heat control

From our main address in Blovstrød, NEFF is able to offer all forms of storage – including specially-controlled chilled or heated storage areas.

Normally, cool storage is set to a temperature of between 3-8 degrees C, but other temperature intervals can be agreed upon.

If the product(s) in question require a higher temperature interval – e.g. 8-15 or 15-25 C all year round, NEFF is also able to offer warehouse facilities that meet these requirements.

Special requirements for humidity control can also be met with storage in warehouse zones with special dehumidification.

In addition to being able to meet requirements for temperature and humidity, NEFF is approved for the storage of food, medical products, etc. – see the options under the menu heading 'Sectors'.

Our ERP system ensures that products are stored under the agreed conditions, as the system does not allow goods to be stored in a warehouse zone that does not meet the requirements. These storage requirements are thus attached to the individual product, so that different storage requirements can be agreed upon for the different product groups.

Documentation of actual temperatures, etc. can be provided electronically.​

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