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NEFF has a total of 60,000 m2 of warehouse facilities located in North Zealand, more precisely in Alleroed, Birkeroed, Roskilde, Koege and Taastrup.

NEFF has a number of certificates/authorisations, including ISO certificate and certificates for the storage of food, medicals and API products. Click for details

As a warehouse, NEFF can offer to change fixed storage costs to variable storage costs, where billing is only made for capacity utilised on a day-to-day basis.

Outsourcing warehouse functions to NEFF allows for a reduction in storage costs, and enables a company to better utilise its own resources for the primary business.

NEFF's storage is easily accessible geographically – close to Motorway E16

Approach is easy and parking facilities are excellent, and there is the potential for loading and unloading at 50 gates with airtight sluices allowing goods to be brought securely to and from our well-designed terminal areas - which are separate from the warehouse itself.

From the terminal, the goods are placed on pallets and put away on warehouse shelves. NEFF has a total capacity of approx. 56,000 pallet locations, with flexible arrangement according to customer needs as regards size, weight and type of goods.

Bar codes and the use of scanners ensures that the goods are placed in the right place in the warehouse, so that all storage requirements can be met.

Everywhere in the warehouse and in the terminals, NEFF's key traits can be experienced: Order and cleanliness together with committed and quality-conscious personnel.

The majority of NEFF's warehouse facilities are temperature controlled, and able to offer specific temperature intervals as well as ordinary dry storage. Click for details

There is the possibility for individual temperature and humidity control of products, as well as the possibility for limited warehouse space to be exclusively used for a particular type of product.

The entire warehouse is protected against theft by access control and surveillance.

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